Due the humble size of our restaurant we established the following seating policy years ago.  In order to treat all guests equally we adhere to this policy at all times.  Please do not ask us to make an exception for you.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

1. We can only seat you once your entire group is in the lobby… we will not seat incomplete parties regardless of how many more you’re waiting on.  

2. We do not seat anyone under the age of 16 outside (including infants & toddlers).

3. We cannot add anyone to your table after you’re seated (see # 1).

4. Please include infants and all children in your total number when checking in with the host. 

5. We accept 30 minute call aheads for groups of 8 or fewer (this is not a reservation, it  simply puts your name on the waiting list, anyone who calls ahead and does not check in with the host within 30 minutes will have their name removed).

Many people wonder why we have these seating policies so we have provided the explanation for them here...

We only seat complete parties because we are a small yet busy restaurant.  Here is the scenario that played out over and over before we implemented our current policy years ago.  The restaurant is half full of groups that are all present, seated and eating.  The other half of the restaurant is occupied by incomplete parties waiting on the rest of their group to arrive before they order.  The lobby is full of groups that have all their people with them, however they can't be seated because half of the tables are being held by the incomplete parties so these complete groups have to not only wait until the rest of those groups' people arrive, but then also for the time it takes them all to order, eat, and leave, which clearly isn't fair or efficient.  

The reason we don't seat children under 16 on the outdoor patio is because we are located in rattlesnake country and will not take chances when it comes to the safety of children, who are among the most vulnerable to bites from these dangerous snakes.  The need for this policy became overtly clear to us when years ago we caught a parent asking their children to get closer to a rattlesnake for a photo.  

Because we value treating all of our customers equally and also because it is impossible to predict how busy any given day (or hour) will be, we adhere to these policies at all times, even when it appears to be a slow point in the day.