To ensure the best experience possible for all of our guests we adhere to the following seating policies:

  • We cannot seat incomplete parties; everyone in your group must be present for your group to be seated.  
  • We do not seat any guests under the age of 16 (including infants and babies) on our outdoor patio, no exceptions.  Our restaurant is located in rattlesnake country and we care about the safety of children. 
  • We can not accept reservations due to the humble size of our restaurant.
  • We do allow 30 minute call aheads for groups of 8 or fewer.  A call ahead is not a reservation, however if you are going to arrive within 30 minutes you may call 801-829-3837 and place your name on our waiting list.  During busy periods, this can shorten your wait time once you arrive at the restaurant.  If you do call ahead, check in with the host once you arrive at the restaurant to inform him / her that you have arrived.  Groups that have not checked in within 30 minutes of their call time will be removed from the list.   Parties larger than 8 are still welcome to walk in and get on our seating list.