Frequently Asked Questions:

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Call us at 801-829-3837.

  • Do you accept reservations?

    • We do not take reservations due to the humble size of our restaurant and our destination location. We do take 30 minute call aheads for groups of 8 or fewer (including all children, infants, etc.). This is not a reservation but it does get your name on our seating list and may reduce your wait time during busy times.

  • When is the best time to arrive to avoid a long wait time?

    • While this will vary from day to day, generally speaking our busiest times are between 1pm - 2pm for lunch and 5pm - 7pm for dinner. Planning your visit outside of these times will increase your chances of being sat right away. This is especially true during weekends and for larger groups.

  • Do you make all your desserts in house?

    • Yes, all of our desserts are made fresh from scratch in our kitchen. The only exception is our gluten free dessert options (we simply don’t have the space for a dedicated gluten free bakery).

  • Can I purchase a whole carrot cake?

    • If you give us advanced notice (48 hrs is preferred) we can accommodate requests for full sheets or half sheets of our carrot cake. A full sheet is 30 of our standard servings and a half sheet is 15. The price for a full sheet is $179.70 + tax and the half is $89.85 + tax.

  • Do you sell gift certificates?

    • Yes, they can be purchased in person or over the phone by calling 801-829-3837.

  • Do you have Gluten Free options?

    • Yes, we have a variety of options from appetizers to entrees to desserts for our gluten free guests.

  • Are you open on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    • Nope, we are a family restaurant that believes in family values… our dedicated and hard working staff deserve to be with their loved ones on these days.

  • Do you do private dinner parties?

    • We can offer private dinner parties for groups between 50 - 90 people on Mondays during the winter months. If you’d like more information please call 801-829-3837 and ask for Michael.